Point of sales


Businesses often encounter various challenges with their point of sale (POS) systems, including technical glitches causing transaction delays, inventory discrepancies leading to stockouts or overstocking, and security vulnerabilities risking data breaches and fraud. Additionally, inadequate user training may result in errors during checkout, impacting customer satisfaction. One of the other challenge we faced, being to ingenerate with variety of different third-party printers and hardware.Point of sales is the most common retail and B2B application used in stores for taking in sales. What can be new about it? How about the customer moving around the stores with a POS system in his hand?

Our Solution

To improve shopping experience, smart shopping cart was introduced. Shoppers could add their grocery lists to the application which helps them to access the location of the product easily. Use of tablets in shopping carts allowed shop owners to show promotional messages to shoppers. Shoppers can also bill themselves and have the smart pay option.


Shoppers experience was improved and their shopping and billing time was reduced. They also had online and on store shopping experience together. The application allowed supermarkets, Pharmacies and Outlets to increase sales and providing them with the opportunity to influence shoppers at the point of making a buying decision.

System features