IoT & Ubiquitous Computing


Gain deep customer insights and enhance remote operations by connecting devices, processing real-time data for efficiency, insights, and cost optimization.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the evolution of machines, vehicles, goods, household appliances, environments, accessories and even people to include small, inbuilt sensors and processors. These devices can understand and communicate with their surroundings, send status reports and receive instructions in order to adapt their activity to the current situation. How can you develop smart solutions for the benefit of your customers or your business? Talk to us.

Dedicated Skilled Resources

Your squad includes resources from our Centers of Excellence, Sr. Technical Architects & software consultants Gain access to multiple user stories, use cases & in depth analyses for a thorough development of features & functions throughout your project's progress


Elevate your business with DSolutions' IoT services. Benefit from custom architectures for real-time data exchange, seamless connectivity, and better decision-making. Achieve operational efficiency and cost savings through scalable synchronization. Leverage quick data processing and gain real-time visibility. Embrace IoT to create new models and stand out in the market.

What we do

Conception and Planning

Identifying IoT use cases, defining objectives, and planning the strategic roadmap for successful implementation.

Design and Development

Creating the architecture, user interface, and underlying systems that enable the IoT solution to meet its defined objectives.

Implementation and Integration

Deploying IoT devices, connecting them to networks, and integrating with existing infrastructure to enable seamless data flow and communication.

Operation and Management

Monitoring and managing the live IoT system, ensuring its reliability, scalability, and security for efficient day-to-day operations.

Maintenance and Optimization

Regularly updating software, firmware, and addressing hardware issues to enhance performance, security, and adaptability over the IoT system's lifecycle.

Decommissioning and Disposal

Safely retiring outdated IoT devices, securely disposing of data, and ensuring environmental responsibility in the end-of-life phase of the IoT solution.


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