Intelligent Equipment Tracking System


Intelligent equipment tracking systems face several challenges, including interoperability issues with existing infrastructure and legacy systems, ensuring data security and privacy amid increasing cyber threats, maintaining accuracy and reliability of tracking data in dynamic environments, addressing scalability concerns to accommodate large volumes of equipment, and overcoming potential resistance to change among users accustomed to traditional tracking methods. Additionally, ensuring seamless integration with diverse types of equipment and optimizing system usability for various stakeholders are ongoing challenges that require careful consideration and strategic implementation.

Our Solution

We proposed them beacon installation on all devices with monitoring equipment’s installed across the facility in a grid pattern to track the movement of the items. Use cases were added to alert when the monitored items were moved outside the campus. Navigation Guide system was also proposed with can be an added feature with the existing installed devices.


With effective use of the system and a minimal investment, loss of items was prevented to a great extent and also misplaced items were effectively found with the help of the beacon signals. Integration with inventory management made the system more effective. Navigation Guide system implementation is in progress..