Go Nursing-CRM Application


In response to the employer's requirement for employee tracking and emergency alerting, a digital geofence solution was implemented to ensure employees' safety and adherence to residency areas. This system prompts immediate alerts to the head office if employees breach predefined boundaries, mitigating potential risks during customer visits. Additionally, a basic payroll system was integrated, complemented by customer tracking and record-keeping functionalities, facilitating seamless transitions between nurses and ensuring continuity of care for clients.

Our Solution

Home nursing services, needed a Mobile and Web application for automating the scheduling and tracking of appointments. Our team developed an employee facing cloud solution for web, iOS and Android named Go Nursing, a customized CRM application. The new interface greatly simplified appointments by searching and appointing the staffs based on their specialization and availability. Adding required services, preparing contracts, invoicing and tracking of the invoices are also simplified at a click. Geo Fencing was introduced to track the location of the serving patients and the employees at work. Importantly the solution allows the Nurses to be tracked easily with the help of GPS when they are out for the home services.


With the help of barcode and shelf management, unit wise profit calculations were simplified. Retail and B2B point of sales and reports were accurate and had much reduced manual involvement and errors. This was a tool for internal use, so positive user feedback was more important than ever. The product was well-received and resulted in a boost for appointment, invoices and report accuracy. Also the GPS tracking system ensures the safety of the employees.